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Immersion Blender…my new favorite kitchen gadget!!

Okay, I think I’ve found a new favorite kitchen gadget! I also realize I may be behind the times significantly for not having bought one of these sooner. I’ve seen them used so often on the Food Network channel and always thought it would be nice to own one.

It all started yesterday when my husband and I went Christmas shopping for ourselves. This year, we decided to get each other useful things and not keep them a surprise – we’d go shopping together! My husband wanted a new full-size blender because he makes protein fruit/vegetable smoothies for breakfast every day (yes, every day!) and our blender was beginning to struggle with his ingredients. He puts everything but the kitchen sink in his smoothies! We decided to go into Portland, Maine and shop at the Leroux Kitchen store on Commercial Street ( We just LOVE kitchen stores -they give us so many great ideas!

So, after he picked out his blender, I decided to ask about an immersion blender. I like the idea of blenders and food processors, but you have to transfer your ingredients to their container and there are so many pieces and parts to clean and dismantle after you’ve used it, that I’d rather spend the time hand chopping things myself. But, the immersion blender can be used right inside the pot or bowl or mug with all the ingredients in the original container and there is only one part to remove and clean. It’s so easy! Now we have a full-size blender and an immersion blender – Merry Christmas to us!

I used my new immersion blender for the first time this morning and I think I’m in love!!! (We both decided not to wait until Christmas to use our gifts – we’re grown-ups and we can handle it!) What I used it on was nothing special or fancy and there’s no recipe in this post to “Wow” anyone. But it sure was FUN!!!

I put some water, frozen mango cubes, frozen blueberries and a little agave syrup in a two-cup container, submerged my immersion blender and let her rip! It gave me a frozen fruit smoothie that tasted fresh and delicious. I can’t wait to use it on my next soup or to froth some milk for a cappuccino or whip up a fresh salad dressing. My mind is spinning with ideas!

I’ll keep you updated on what I whip up in my kitchen!


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